Connecticut Public Records

Connecticut is one of those states that make it somewhat difficult to obtain public record information based on a state search. Such records as birth certificates, divorce, marriage and death records are all available through the state, but note that the turnaround for receiving Connecticut public records is up to six weeks. A faster turnaround might be available if you know the town where the event took place, but if you don’t know that information, you’ll have to go through the state repository. Also, keep in mind that Connecticut vital records aren’t available unless they’re more than a hundred years old or you meet the requirements to obtain the record. Generally, such requirements include that you are the person whose record you’re requesting or an immediate family member, legal representative or a genealogical society member that’s authorized to search through Connecticut public records. You’ll have to verify who you are with a copy of photo identification, fill out a request form and send them to:

Connecticut Department of Public Health
410 Capitol Avenue
P.O. Box 340308
Hartford, Connecticut 06134
Phone: (866) 809-0839

Connecticut Court Records Public Access

Connecticut Vital Records

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