Colorado Background Check

The central depository for Colorado criminal records is the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and those who request records for a Colorado background check must adhere to the rules and regulations of the bureau. Some records such as juvenile, sealed and arrest warrant records are not available to the public. To receive a background check report from the state of Colorado, you must first fill out a Colorado background check request form. The search fee is $13, payable by check to the CBI. Mail the form and the fee to the following address:

Colorado Bureau of Investigation
690 Kipling St. #3000
Denver, Colorado 80215
Phone: (303) 239-4208

State Of Colorado Background Check

The most common reason for background checks is to find out if a person is suitable for employment. Employers are looking for those who may have perpetrated fraud or crimes that would make them untrustworthy. But, private citizens can also look up backgrounds of individuals if they have cause to doubt a person is telling the truth about his or her past. This is especially helpful if the person is a new love interest or a person who will be near your child in some way. It could be that you want to check out suspicious neighbors who have recently moved in or a roommate that you’re considering moving in with. Whatever the reason, a background check is a good idea.

Colorado State Police Background Check

Now, we have all the powers of the Internet to help us to quickly plow through the volumes of data available from the states and give us the information we need immediately and accurately. Since the Freedom of Information Act, private citizens have been allowed to access some data from a state’s vital records files. But, some states have enacted privacy laws and regulations to keep some data from being accessed, such as juvenile and dismissed court records. Since the private Internet search sites use different resources in their search endeavors, they’re able to bypass many of these regulations and provide the information you need and want in order to make an educated decision.

Internet search sites are very easy to use. If you know some basic information about a person, you can submit it and then expect to have a report about that person within moments. Background information you should receive in the report might include the person’s birth date, marriages, divorces, addresses and phone numbers. It will also include any criminal or arrest reports that might have been perpetrated by the person. For example, if the person has a history of defrauding people in a relationship, those records will be revealed. Find out about a person’s past today by clicking on the link to the Colorado background check site.