California Public Records

Free public records searches for California public records can be a useful tool, depending on the task you are trying to complete. For some people using free public records could be part of a hobby such as genealogy. Other people may need California public records to try to complete a job such as private investigation. Whatever the case may be, free public records can really help you get the job done.

So, what exactly can you expect to find when you search for California public records? What you can obtain and have access to varies from state to state. This can make it more challenging to get your job done if you are looking for free public records in certain states. However, California public records are more readily available than some states.

For California public records, depending on where you go for data, you may find:

  • Birth certificates that date back to at least 1905 are available.
  • Death records that have also been on file since 1905 can be found.
  • Marriages and divorce records are also a common type of free public records to use.
  • You may also be able to track other types of vital records for free public records depending on what you need.

California Court Records Public Access

Some Things to Keep in Mind for California Public Records
While California public records are easier to access then some states, each state also has history that can affect records. For some states, it was a matter of even keeping free public records organized for public use. Other states simply do not allow certain materials to be viewed by citizens and deem these things not a matter of public records.

California Vital Records

One thing that severely affected California public records was the earthquake of 1906. Though many records were officially being kept in 1905, the great quake of 1906 did some damage to the records keeping. This is especially true because many of the important public records were housed in San Francisco, which was where the quake struck. If you have trouble locating certain types of records for certain people, it could very well be because the original records and documents were destroyed in this devastating and destructive event.

How to Get your Records
One distinct advantage to searching for records these days is the ability to obtain records in different ways. Of course, not all records can be tracked down using each method. The good news is that if you cannot locate a record one way, you may very well be able to another way. You can often obtain records by:

  • seeing them online
  • requesting them online
  • requesting them by phone or fax
  • requesting them by email
  • requesting them by standard mail
  • at least using one of these methods to locate the records before going to pick them up yourself in person

Try using more than one approach for those tricky to locate documents. If you need free public records to complete your project, you can start today.