South Carolina Background Check

Conducting a background check in South Carolina is relatively easy. You’ll need the South Carolina Background Check request form. Simply fill it out as accurately as possible, include a money order or certified check for $25 (search fee) and a stamped, self-addressed envelope and send it to the following address:

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
SLED Records Dept.
P.O. Box 21398
Columbia, South Carolina 29221
Phone (803) 737-9000

Call or write to the above address to find out more information about the best way to access the background records you need from the state of South Carolina. A state-based search will provide you with background information from their state, but cross-referencing other states to see if the same person may have criminal records might not be possible.

State Of South Carolina
Background Check

If you’d like a more thorough and timely background search, consider an online search site by using the Internet. These search sites have become very popular during the past years – especially with legal professionals and others who need fast and accurate results for their business needs. States simply don’t have the powerful and vast search engines and databases at their disposal that the private, Internet sites do. After submitting a small amount of information about the person to a private site, you should receive a report in a few minutes that contains all the data you need to make a decision about a person in your life.

South Carolina State Police Background Check

First and foremost, you should know when to make a request for the public records in South Carolina and know the requirements behind it. These days you can’t rely on the resumes or even references that these individuals provide. The best way to set your mind at ease is to conduct your own search and then make up your mind about whether or not the person is suitable to be near your loved ones. Those who use dating sites have become one of the top groups of people who use online search services to check out the background of people they’re considering dating. You certainly can’t believe what anyone tells you online. The headlines are full of people who have made that mistake and have experienced fraud – or worse – from the people who told the lies. Aside from hiring a private investigator, the online search sites are your best opportunity to get the entire records that tell the true story about a person’s past. Click on the link now to discover how an online site can help you conduct a South Carolina background check.