New Jersey Background Check

Criminal records are maintained differently in every state. Some are filed in the county or court where the prosecution took place and others, such as New Jersey are filed with the New Jersey Department of Corrections. If you want to conduct a New Jersey background check on an individual other than yourself, you can make a request through the following office:

New Jersey Department of Corrections
P.O. Box 863
Attention: Correspondence Unit
Trenton, New Jersey 08625
Phone: (609) 292-4036

You must complete a New Jersey Universal Request Form to retrieve the information by mail and send it, along with the $41 (check or debit card) with photo identification. After processing, the results will be mailed to your personal address. It may take awhile to receive the results of the search because of the high volume of request and short staff of most state agencies.

State Of New Jersey Background Check

It’s becoming commonplace for private citizens to search the backgrounds of people who come into their lives. The transient society we live in today makes it easy for people to deceive and make up a past that really isn’t true. The only way we can be sure they are who they claim to be is to request a background check. You may also need your own criminal records for purposes of naturalization, visa, adoption or foreign business transactions. State based background searches can be cumbersome and take awhile to process. You should know that you can also retrieve criminal records by using an online search site. Legal professionals and others who make it their career to check the backgrounds of people use these private services on an almost daily basis. The sites charge a reasonable fee and after submitting a small amount of data about the person, begin to work on a criminal record report.

New Hampshire State Police Background Check

These private Internet sites use powerful search engines and databases to look up information for you and you’re likely to receive more data than you would in a state-based search. For example, criminal records may also reveal current addresses and phone numbers, birth dates, marriages, divorces and children. The report is usually delivered to you within a matter of minutes rather than the days or even weeks it takes to receive a state-based search report. The data from an Internet site is likely to be much more accurate and up-to-date because of the search methods they use. If you’re checking someone’s background for criminal information, you want to perform a top-quality search – one that will make it easy to come to a decision about a person in your life. Check out how to perform a New Jersey background check by using a private Internet site by clicking on the link.