Massachusetts Background Check

Letting someone in to your life without first performing a background check is like letting a fox into a hen house. The fox might look cute and cuddly, but only has destruction on his mind. You may never know if a person has a criminal past unless you conduct a background check, either through the state or through a private online search site. You can conduct a Massachusetts background check by first filling out a Personal Massachusetts Criminal Record Request Form. You must have it notarized and then send, with a $25 check or money order and stamped, self-addressed envelope to the following address:

Massachusetts Dept of Public Safety
CORI Services
200 Arlington St.; 2nd Flr; Ste. 2200
Chelsea, Massachusetts 02150
Phone: (617) 660-4640

State Of Massachusetts Background Check

It may take days or weeks to receive a reply from the state, depending on the backlog of requests and whether or not you properly filled out the application. If you’d rather not go through the state to access a background check, you may also use the services of a private online search site. These sites can retrieve the information you need based on very little data and return a full report to you within minutes to your private email address. You don’t have to prove who you are by having a form notarized and your payment information is encrypted, so no one will know it was you who authorized the search.

The data you’re likely to receive from a search through a private site can include birth dates, marriages, divorces, past and current address and phone numbers and all criminal records that are filed in the state of Massachusetts or any other state. The private sites use powerful and sophisticated search engines to glean out personal information from other states that might be part of information you need. You can then make a decision based on accurate and timely data that you can rely upon to be accurate and up-to-date.

Massachusetts State Police Background Check

It’s sad that we have to resort to checking out the past of everyone new in our lives, but the fact is that it’s easy in our transient society to make up a past that no one will every suspect – unless a background check is conducted. No one wants to let a child predator into our lives or a person who is an expert in defrauding others into our businesses or personal lives. With dating sites, Facebook and other social media popularity, it’s easy to fall into the habit of believing someone at face value. It’s essential that you doubt people – especially those who seem too nice or too good to be true – and make it your business to check them out to be sure. Click on the link now to perform a Massachusetts background check.