Louisiana Background Check

The southern state of Louisiana has one of the oldest histories of the United States. It’s also a very transient state. Many people move there for a little while and then go elsewhere. As you can imagine, there are many criminal records on file in the state. If you have need to conduct a Louisiana background check on someone in your life, you may do so by filling out a form (Background Request Form) and sending it to the following address:

Louisiana Public Safety and Corrections
Louisiana State Police Dept.
Bureau of Criminal Information and Identification
7919 Independence Boulevard
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806
Phone: (225) 925-6095

State Of Louisiana Background Check

There will be a fee of $26 that you will include with the form and made payable to the Bureau of Criminal Information and Identification. On the request form, be sure to check the box, “right to review” and provide all pertinent information you can about the individual in question. Any extra information that you can give (such as social security number) may help to ensure the accuracy of the search.

Louisiana State Police Background Check

Most states, including Louisiana, have a backlog of searches to perform, so it may take a while to receive an answer from the state. If you need the information sooner, check out the many online search sites available. You will pay a one-time fee to use the site and will likely receive a full report about the person within a matter of moments – sent to your private email address. The report you receive from a private Internet site will provide much more information than what you receive from a state search because they have the capacity to cross-reference the name and use powerful databases and search engines to retrieve all the data you need to make a decisions. The Internet is the preferred method of most legal professionals and those who make their living gathering information for people – such as a genealogist.

It’s a sad fact in today’s world that we should have to check out the background of individuals who are new in our lives or the lives of someone we love. The truth is that it’s easy to make up a stellar background for the purpose of befriending someone with the intention to make him or her a romantic partner. Millions have been scammed or defrauded because they sincerely believed a person. Checking out the background of a person may mean the difference in believing a person that could perpetrate harm against you – or setting your mind at ease that this person is all he claims to be. If there is someone new in your life, don’t hesitate to perform a background check to get the real scoop on the past. Check it out now by clicking on the link and find out how a private Internet search site can help you perform a Louisiana background check.