Iowa Background Check

Iowa is a Midwestern state that has a low crime rate, but there are millions of criminal records on file from past occurrences. If you want to conduct an Iowa background check about someone from your past or in your present life you can make a request through the state by first requesting and completing a background request form (plus the billing form) and sending it to the following location:

Iowa Dept. of Public Safety
Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation
215 E. 7th St.
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
Phone: (515) 725-6066

State Of Iowa Background Check

Be sure that you include some of the pertinent information about the person such as his or her full name, date of birth and social security number (if possible) to ensure the accuracy of the search. Mail the form and a $13 search fee (payable to the Division of Criminal Investigation and you will receive a response within a few days or possibly weeks, depending on the work load of the department.

Background checks in the past have mostly been requested by anybody who wanted to ensure that individuals didn’t have shady or fraudulent past. Now, background checks are being performed by private citizens who want to ensure the safety of themselves or someone near to them. People are checking out the backgrounds of new neighbors in order to be safe all the time.

Iowa State Police Background Check

The Internet has now made it possible to receive the information you need about a person in only minutes, compared to the days or weeks that you have to wait for a state background check. Private online sites offer services of all levels that will suit your needs, whether you’re attempting to trace a family tree or simply want to check the background of a person in your life. Today’s world has made it essential that we trust no one to tell the truth, but rather to do all we can to keep ourselves and those we love from harm. The Internet sites have sophisticated technology behind their searches such as extensive databases and search engines. They can track a person and return a report to your private email address that might include aliases, past crimes, both in Iowa and other states. You’ll have all the data you need to make a decision on a person and either put your mind at ease or make sure the person doesn’t enter your life or the life of a loved one. Click on the link to discover how a private, online search site can help you conduct an Iowa background check.