Idaho Background Check

You may want to conduct an Idaho background check for safety reasons or to protect your business from persons with a shady past. Or, you may be suspicious of a new neighbor, scout leader or any new person who has entered your life. Your safety and the safety of loved ones or a business may rely on you checking out a person’s background to ensure that you’re not letting someone near you who means to do you harm. The State Police of Idaho and the Idaho Bureau of Criminal Investigation keeps close records of crimes conducted in the state. You may request a search by using the person’s name by completing a request form and mailing it to the following address:

Idaho State Police
700 South Stratford Dr.; Ste. 120
Meridian, ID 83642
Phone: (208) 884-7130

State Of Idaho Background Check

Be sure to include as much pertinent information as possible to ensure the accuracy of the report. The person in question may be known by aliases, and if you know that data, be sure to include it on the form. Also, include a check or money order for $10 as a fee for conducting the search. You may want to be aware that receiving a reply from the state by mail may take awhile. States are notoriously understaffed and it may take weeks to receive a reply.

Idaho State Police Background Check

Another way to receive a background check on a person is to use the services of an online search site. These sites have popped up on the Internet since it became clear that huge amounts of information could be retrieved. They use powerful and sophisticate databases and search engines that can quickly and accurately perform a search and get the full report to you within moments. You’ll likely receive much more information about the person than you would by requesting the search from a state site and you can be assured of its accuracy. Online search sites have the capability of cross-referencing other states’ information to find out if the same person you’re searching for in Idaho might have committed a crime in another state. Current and past addresses, phone numbers, aliases, marriages and divorces may all be contained in the report you receive from a powerful online search site. Legal professionals and others who depend on accurate information in background searches rely on these sites on a regular basis and maintain monthly memberships because of the volume of information they need. But, you can perform a one-time search on a person for a reasonable fee.

To find out more about what a private, Internet search site can do for you and how you can perform an Idaho background check, click on the link.