Arizona Marriage Records

The Office of Vital Records of the Department of Health Services takes majority of the public records for the consumption of the legal residents in Arizona. For specific information on Arizona Marriage Records it is more efficient to conduct the search at the county level and contact the clerk of the Superior Court where the event happened. Statistically, the state has a total of 15 counties, having different rules on how they manage such important documents.

Like in Mohave County for instance, the separating couple must be around physically when requesting such reports. Anybody, even if you’re not living in Arizona can perform a marriage files search as long as the ceremony took place in the said state. As a policy, exchanging of vows can only be done after a year since the issuance of the marriage license which expires within 1 a year as well. Marriage license will have to be obtained at $72.00 which is technically non-refundable.


Marriage Records Arizona

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A certified copy of the marriage records can be acquired by making a written request and mail it along with a $26.50 for each copy. Requirements in the acquisition of marriage certificate on the other hand must be that you know the full names of the bride and the groom before they got married, and the exact date of the marriage ceremony. This also costs $26.50 per copy using check, money order, or through a credit card.

Arizona Marriage License Records

Fortunately, researchers no longer have to go through this traditional method in the past. The modern way of searching for official public records is way simpler and faster as compared to what it was used to be back in the days. Arizona Marriage Records are at the tip of your fingers nowadays because such reports are now uploaded online for a much quick access. You only have to pay a reasonable price from a 100% legitimate website with full money-back guarantee to avail a satisfactory service.