Arizona Death Records

Any reports that relate to death will have to be placed at the Office of Vital Records, Arizona Department of Health Services. The archiving of Arizona Death Records started in July 1909 up to now which also includes the abstracts filed in counties prior to that time. To have a quick knowledge on the county offices, individuals must visit the state’s department of Health Services website for inquiries. Unlike the other states, Arizona’s Vital Records’ office only accepts money order or cashier’s check.

As part of the policy imposed for the retrieval of these documents, a requesting party must have a copy of photo ID or better approach a lawyer to notarize the application. Traditionally, the request should be done by mail or in person. As stated in the state’s law, only the spouse or immediate family member of the deceased or a legal representative can access such legal papers. Others may perform the search, but must conform to the requirements and guidelines formulated by those who are in the authority.

Death Records Arizona

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Corresponding payments for each county can actually be viewed by visiting the Health Services Department website. The Arizona death certificate request form must be filled out and forward to the mentioned department with the required fee. Applications sent through mail must have a self addressed stamped envelope for the record to be returned to you. Proper government documentation while placing the request has to be undertaken for formality sake.

Arizona Death Notices

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