Alaska Public Records

In Alaska, public records are largely available through the Bureau of Vital Statistics. You can find birth, death, marriage, divorce and criminal records by mail. Some of these records will have restricted access only to the spouse or legal representative of the person in question. So, even though the records are considered “public domain,” they’re still under the privacy laws of particular states. There may be fees, such as $25 for a certified copy of a record. Even if no record is found, you won’t receive a refund for the search fee. Those persons conducting genealogy record research can usually have access to the Alaska public records they need because after 50 years, the records are released. You may mail a request for a public record in Alaska to the following address:

Alaska Dept. of Health and Social Services
Bureau of Vital Statistics
5441 Commercial Boulevard
Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: (907) 465-3391

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Alaska Vital Records

The hassle involved and the time it takes to receive a response makes it difficult to go through a state-based search. Also, you may not receive the information you want because it’s under restricted privacy laws. If you want to avoid the red tape and time involved for a state-based search, research the various private, online search sites. Since large volumes of information are now available on the Internet, these sites provide certain services that the state can’t because of being under-staffed. Also, the data you receive from the state may not be as accurate and up-to-date as the information you’d receive from a private site. Most of these sites use powerful and sophisticated search engines and databases to find information, from the state you requested and from other states and countries. Public records are by nature a public domain and therefore anybody who is a legitimate citizen in Alaska will have the privilege to make a request given that there is valid reason for doing so. As a law abiding citizen you will always have the perks of getting what you want from your community’s records repository. You just have to comply with the requirements and you should be able to get the public reports that you would like to generate. It’s impossible to take some people at their word anymore. Today, we can always refer to such legal documents if we wanted to verify a really vital information. We have to depend on our own research to find the information we need about someone’s background. It’s better to have an idea on what is happening than suffer the consequences of not being informed on things. The Internet search sites can provide you with the information you need within a few minutes of your time alone. If no record is found for the person, you won’t have to pay a fee. Be sure to check out private Internet search sites and how one can help you find Alaska public records by clicking on the link.