Alaska Background Check

Alaska criminal records are filed by the Department of Public Safety by a division called Statewide Services. If you need to request an Alaska background check, you should first complete an Alaska Background Check Request Form that you can receive from the Alaska Department of Public Safety’s website or by calling and requesting the form. You’ll need to specify if you’re requesting the search about someone else, or requesting your own records. Include a check or money order for $20 with the form and send to the following address:

Alaska Dept. of Public Safety
Criminal Records & Identification Bureau
5700 East Tudor Rd.
Anchorage, Alaska 99507
Phone: (907) 269-5767

State Of Alaska Background Check

It may take awhile for you to receive a report by mail because of the large volume of requests and the pared down staff of government facilities. If you want or need the information sooner, try one of the many online search services. All you need is a small amount of information about the person in question – such as his or her full name. Any other information you can provide will ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the search. The powerful and far-reaching databases and search engines then go to work to locate as much data as possible about the person. You should receive a full report, sent to your private email address, within moments of submitting the information.

Alaska State Police Background Check

In our fast-paced society, we’re used to receiving instantaneous information, but most of the states don’t have the budget required to maintain these expensive and helpful resources. Private search services specialize in locating information and must offer the best results possible to attract more customers. Their customers include legal professionals or anyone who has need of vital records or background search information. Many maintain memberships to the sites and can use them whenever the need to. You can also use an Internet search service once and pay one fee. If no record is located, you pay nothing.

No one wants to base their decisions about a person on intuition or simply relying on what the person has told about their pasts. Many people have put themselves and their families in harm’s way by not taking the time or making a special effort to discover all they can about someone before they let them in their lives or in their loved ones’ lives. You never want to put the lives of you children in danger, so you do the check now before it becomes too late. Try an Alaska background check today by clicking on the link and submitting some information about a person you have questions about.