Alabama Marriage Records

Marriage records are kept to signify its value from the time individuals tied the knot to live together as husband and wife before the authorized solemnizing officer. The occurrence of such an event is categorically significant for the government to keep a record on to be able to legally recognize through paper documents that such marriage took place and has been properly preserved and archived among the public records in the designated records agency.

The Alabama Center for Health Statistics, Alabama Department of Public Health is the central database for marriage files. Those who are after of it must visit there in person or via mail. Requests are entertained upon compliance with the necessary paper requirements along with the amount of $15.00 per copy. They have started collecting and compiling the said reports since August 1936 and onwards, thus, it should provide the residents with ample of data to search from.


Marriage Records Alabama

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Ordering for extra copies of such files requires another $6.oo for each copy if one places the request on the same day. The State Board of Health office is tasked to receive payments from the requesting public. For cases when one needs to look for those that were filed prior to 1936, the advice would be to contact the Probate Judge in county where the license was released. In other words, it has to be done in the county level. Take note that Alabama does not accommodate online transactions, only walk-in and mail requests can be processed.

Alabama Marriage License Records

However, with this information age, the Internet does not only function as what it is known for. Today, it is capable of carrying not just information but data on legal reports about the public. The same details from the government agencies can be retrieved from the existing online record providers nowadays. Plus, the lookup can be done quite discreetly because it is searchable at home so long as there is Internet connection. But, a 100% guaranteed service provider must be chosen in order to get the job done right the first time.