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South Dakota Death Records

Since 1905, South Dakota has been recording death records that occurred within the state, but records might be sketchy at best until the year 1932. Counties usually maintain records that are more complete, but if you go through the vital records’ state office, the records might not be as complete. You can request South Dakota death records by mailing in a request form and a fee ($15, paid to the South Dakota Dept. of Health) to the following address:

Vital Records Dept.
207 East Missouri Avenue
Ste. 1A
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: (605) 773-4961

Death Records South Dakota

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The certified copy of a death certificate has the state seal and can be used for most legal matters. You might also get a copy of the original certificate and use it as a legal document. If you’re not a member of the family, then you may receive a document that is sans the seal and is sufficient for most genealogical research purposes. Keep in mind that you’ll have to send copies of identification issued by the government and to prove that you’re related to the deceased in order to receive a certified copy.

South Dakota Death Notices

If you use an Internet search site to look for South Dakota death records, you can bypass all of the rules and regulations involved in the state-based search. You will receive a full report (non-certified) delivered to your private email address. The fees are reasonable and there is no charge if the record isn’t located. Internet search sites are extremely popular with those who have to look up vital record or any type of stored information on a daily basis. The sites cut the time involved and the record that you receive is thorough and up-to-date. If another state is involved in the vital record, that, too is included in the report because the sites have databases and search engines that can cross-reference the data you submitted in other states and even countries. If you’re searching for and attempting to find paths that lead to more branches of a family tree, death records and other vital records of a state can be a great resource. Addresses, parents, siblings, occupation and much more data can be obtained and used to further the search. Legal issues are another big reason that people search through a state’s vital records. Proof of immigration, beneficiary issues and other legal matters can sometimes be proven without a shadow of a doubt. There are many private Internet search sites available that can help you search for vital records in any state or country you choose. Click on the link to find out more about how an Internet search site can help you find South Dakota death records.