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South Dakota Criminal Records

South Dakota has been maintaining criminal records for their search program since 1989. These records don’t include juvenile information or data that may have been sealed by a judge. The search fee is $20, payable by check or money order and you can apply in person or fill out a form (2013 Form, PDF Version) and send with your fee to:

Spink County Clerk of Court
210 East 7th Avenue
Redfield, SD 57469-1299
Phone: (605) 472-4535


South Dakota Criminal Records
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South Dakota criminal records background checks are a good idea for those of us who have children or other loved ones who might be in harm’s way by someone who’s recently entered their lives. You’ll need to submit as much information as you can about the individual in question to ensure the accuracy of the search and you may have to provide some of your personal data.

Criminal Records South Dakota

It’s amazing that so many people can lie about their backgrounds and worm their way into people’s lives so easily. These folks are practiced criminals who know exactly how to gain your trust and perpetrate crimes against you. You just can’t be too careful to find out all you can about people who enter your life. If you want accurate, fast and timely information about someone, you can use a private, online search site that others use all the time. Legal professionals and others who might need to conduct searches and be able to rely on their accuracy often use Internet search sites for all their background check needs. By using an Internet search site, you employ the power of vast databases and far-reaching search engines to reference and cross-reference the name you submitted. They can also let you know if the person may be using other names to commit crimes or have also committed crimes in other states. South Dakota arrest records searches are great if the person lives or has lived in the state, but if not you’ll want to engage a search site that has the power to look through other states’ records. Crimes are committed on a daily basis against businesses and individuals by people who live their lives dealing with fraud or committing sexual offenses. It’s better to search now than to wait until an incident destroys yours or another person’s life. No one wants to be a non-trusting person, but today, it’s essential for us to find out as much as we can about those who have entered our lives or the lives of those we love and care about. Don’t take a chance with yours or your family’s well-being. Find out more about how an Internet search site can help you find South Dakota criminal records by clicking on the link.