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South Dakota Birth Records

Birth records are some of the most important records in the history of a human being. More than anything, birth records establishes the identity and the fact that a person exists or existed, thus, it is important that any person should always have at least one copy of his or her birth certificate in his custody at all times. This, however, is an ideal situation, and there are many times when a person, any person, loses a copy of his or her birth record. Fortunately, this is no longer as serious as it was back then because archives of records such as the South Dakota Birth Records do exist, and people could request for copies of their birth records from the same.

First though, one must note that while birth records are public records, not every person could just obtain the birth record of any random person. Such could create an opportunity for skilled people to steal the identities of other people in a crime known as identity theft. It is for this reason that birth records are restricted to members of the family of the person referred to in the record and the person who is so named in the record. This way, the chances of crimes being facilitated are lessened, though not completely removed.
Birth records in the state of South Dakota could be requested at the state level from the South Dakota Department of Health. The department has custody of all birth records at the state level and they keep records of birth from as far back as July 1905. If the record being sought for refers to a birth that happened before the given year, the search could be conducted either at the state archives, which is the preferred source, or at the office of the local issuing authority of the county where the birth occurred.

Birth Records South Dakota

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A request for birth records at the Department of Health starts at the Office of Vital Records. Here, the searcher should request for an application form which the searcher must then fill up before returning the same along with a copy of an identification card meeting the minimum requirements of the same. The identity requirement is tied to the fact that one must be related to the person referred to in the record before the same could be issued. Once the clerk is satisfied, the searcher would be asked to pay the required fee which is fifteen dollars per copy of the same. The requested for birth record are available at the same day after one to three hours.

Another method of searching for birth records would be to search for the same online using online databases. There are a number of these databases that could be helpful in this endeavor, and because of this, they are quite easy to find. They are even easier to use, providing the same information as government offices and agencies at a faster and more efficient manner, often without the need to pay for the same. As with all internet searches, online databases could be used from the homes of the searcher without the need to either fall in line or even to leave the room of the searcher in order to conduct the search.

Birth Records South Dakota
Detailed below is the step by step procedure to follow when asking for birth records at the state level

  • Head over to the Division of Vital Records of the South Dakota Department of Health
  • From an on-duty clerk, request an application form. Fill up the same.
  • Submit the application form together with a government issued identification card with your signature. Alternatively, submit two identification card with your picture and signature.
  • Once the clerk is satisfied, you would be asked to pay the required fee. Pay the same.
  • Wait one to three hours as your request is processed and after the waiting time, the record should be issued to you.

South Dakota Birth Certificate

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