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South Carolina Marriage Records

The Vital Records department of South Carolina keeps data regarding marriages that took place in the state since July of 1950. If you desire a copy of a South Carolina marital record that took place before that date you’ll need to go through the South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Only those persons who are related to the persons listed on the marriage record, a current spouse or legal professional representing one of the persons is eligible to obtain a copy of the record. If you qualify, you can fill out an application and send it to the follow address:

South Carolina DHEC Vital Records Dept.
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201-1797
Phone: (803) 898-3630

You’ll need to provide the date and/or place of the marriage and if possible, the maiden name of the woman listed on the certificate. Pay a $12 fee for the search by check or money order and expect the search to take from two to four weeks. If you need the record quickly or if you’re not eligible to obtain a South Carolina marital record that you need, you can use an online search service without any hassle at all. You’ll pay a reasonable fee for a one-time search and receive the results within minutes. Then, you can review it in the privacy of your home or office. Be as accurate as you can about the names of the people involved in the marriage, the date and the county where the event took place. Then let the powerful search engines and data bases of the Internet search site do the job for you. It’s much easier than going through the state – and the results are likely to be more thorough and much more accurate. You won’t have to submit photo identification or to state a reason why you want the record.


Marriage Records South Carolina

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South Carolina Marriage License Records

Whether you’re researching your family tree or required to prove that you were once married in the state of South Carolina, using an Internet search service can make the process much more enjoyable. There are numerous online services that can meet your needs and give you accurate and easy-to-read reports that contain the information you’re searching for. Because of the vast amount of data contained online, state-based searches aren’t able to reach as far as the private services that maintain powerful search engines. No matter what your reason is for requesting South Carolina marriage records, using an Internet search service is the best way to cut through the red tape of a state-based search. Click on the link below to find out more about how you can take advantage of an online search service to find any vital record you may want or need.