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South Carolina Arrest Records

There are government established agencies in South Carolina where the arrest and criminal records are kept for future use. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division becomes the centralized database for these types of legal documents. They are assisted by the Crime Information Center where all the records from the different local law enforcement unites are taken. Also, the office of the General Attorney feeds up more information of the same type as ordered by the law in the said state. So, these offices work together to bring quality public service to the residents in South Carolina.

These legal records are only retrieved when formally applied for by the citizens in the State. Such reports can also be requested by a third party for some people who would rather hire somebody else to do the search on their behalf. But the details which you can obtain are only those arrests which led to conviction or incarceration of the subject. You can never obtain a copy of a juvenile record. More so, the searches in South Carolina can only be pulled up by typing in names. This Law Enforcement Division does not only do manual search procedure but is now doing it electronically in order to get away with the paper works. Thus, it saves up time and effort on the part of the requesting parties.


South Carolina Arrest Records


However, those who prefer to grab a certified copy of an arrest record must do it via mail or request it in person as it needs legal notarization. This is something which cannot be done through online. The fee to accomplish the search would be $25.00 per name. The criminal records check form should be produced and completed in its entirety to ensure or guarantee a full account about the report. As for the personal information of the subject, the database would only need the subject’s full name, date of birth, last name and the first initial to be legally correct in order to proceed with the search.

Also, the South Carolina Department of Corrections does part of its jobs to compile the records of their inmates. Thus, anybody who comes in and requests to see the history of an inmate is permitted by law as long as he or she follows certain protocols. More so, they have also developed the South Carolina Inmate Lookup which allows the public to perform the check via phone or via online through the Statewide Automated Victim Notification System. This inmate lookup permits you to unveil the data on offender’s name, location of prison and the projected release date.

With the voluminous number of requests done at South Carolina government agencies, private groups have surfaced online with their own records database on arrest and criminal. But, you got to investigate which of them brings in accurate data which you can use for whatever purposes you may have. This is very convenient in the sense that it allows you to do it on your own away from the subject whom you are investigating. The search is simply ran through the Internet, thus, as long as you have access to it you can do the check anytime and anywhere you want.

South Carolina Criminal Records

Procedure to grab a copy of criminal record in South Carolina:

  • The search can be done online through the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
  • But if you want to have a certified copy of it you should rather do the manual process via mail or in-person request
  • The cost for doing the search is $25.00 per name
  • You only need to supply the full name of the subject, date of birth and the last name and first initial to initiate the search

State of South Carolina Arrest Records

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