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Rhode Island Marriage Records

Rhode Island is a small state, but it has many marriage records and other vital records. You can request a certified copy of Rhode Island marriage records by applying through the vital records department of the state. A certified copy will cost $20 and if you’d like additional copies, be prepared to pay $15 for each additional copy. The state requires that you fill out and submit an Application for a Certified Marriage Record Form and send the completed form to:

Rhode Island Dept. of Health
Division of Vital Records
3 Capitol Hill, Room 101
Providence, RI 02908-5097
Phone: (401) 222-5960

Include a check or money order for the search fee when you send your application and be sure to provide as many details as you can to ensure the accuracy of the final report. Rhode Island also requires that you include a copy of photo identification and prove that you’re either named on the certificate or are a family member or legal representative. Some states have privacy laws that protect certain parts of vital records to be revealed and Rhode Island is one of those states.


Marriage Records Rhode Island

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Rhode Island Marriage License Records

You may be looking for Rhode Island marital records to delve further into your family history, or you might have some legal issues that need to be resolved and must prove that a marriage took place. Immigration issues might also be a reason to search through a state’s marriage record. If you’re unsure about a person’s true past, marriage records can give you a glimpse into his or her history. Genealogy is by far the number one reason why people usually search through marriage records because they provide such a wealth of information about a family. Data such as the ages of the bride and groom, dates and places of birth, parents, previous addresses and witnesses can lead to other information that can ultimately help you complete the family tree. Rhode Island marital records have been recorded for the entire state since 1853, but earlier records can be found – mainly in the town clerks’ offices where the events occurred. The Internet can also help you find vital records in the state of Rhode Island. Private, Internet search services have become one of the most sought out online sites and they can quickly find the marriage record you need and deliver it to you usually in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is submit some information about the couple listed on the decree, pay a reasonable fee and click the button to search. A report will be delivered to your own computer and you can read it in privacy. If no record is found, you don’t have to pay a fee. Click on the link to discover how an online search service can help you find Rhode Island marriage records.