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Rhode Island Divorce Records

If you want to access Rhode Island divorce records, there are a few facts you should know before you begin. For one, the state will share information about the record, but you will need to complete an application and meet certain requirements to obtain the record. For example, you may need to prove that you had a relationship with the divorced person(s) such as a parent, daughter or son or other relation. After you’ve gathered the information you need, you must fill out an application and send it to:

Division of Vital Records
Rhode Island Dept. of Health
3 Capitol Hill, Room 101
Providence, RI 02908-5097
Phone: (401) 277-3340


Divorce In Rhode Island

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You’ll need to include as much information as you can about the divorced couple, including where and when the divorce was granted, full names of the petitioner and respondent, maiden name, if known, phone numbers and addresses that may be pertinent to the search, a photo identification and a fee of $12 for the search (payable to Vital Records). Also, include your photo identification and state the reason why you want the record. The fee isn’t refundable even if the state doesn’t find the record. You may need to delve into divorce records because you’re doing genealogical research or you may want to check out the background of someone in your life to make sure he or she is telling the truth. Many people need copies of divorce records for legal purposes such as immigration.

RI Divorce Records

Another way to obtain the information you need about a divorce that took place in Rhode Island is to use an Internet search service. These sites are popular because of the vast amount of information they can retrieve in a short amount of time. They have incredibly powerful search engines and databases that use the information you provide to search for the document you need. States- funds and personnel are limited, so it may take awhile to retrieve the record – plus, you can-t be assured of the accuracy of the information. Internet search sites take great pride in their ability to search far and wide and then deliver exactly what you need within moments and compiled into a concise report. Even though you may receive a copy of the decree from the state, you may not get the information you’re looking for. Some information is considered sensitive by the state and they have privacy laws that prevent them from releasing it. Not so for Internet search services. They can include anything and everything in the data they find. So, you may receive information such as custody results, financial settlements, previous addresses, names and even criminal data. If you’d like to find out more about searching through Rhode Island divorce records by using an online, fee-based service, click on the link.