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Death records are tools that people use to prove legal matters and to research family trees. Besides death records, vital records also include birth, civil unions and birth records. You might also want to search through criminal and arrest records of a state to find background information about an individual. Most states have ways that you can request these documents. Rhode Island death records can be requested through the state by filling out an application and sending it to the Vital Records Department of the state. It’s a one page form that requires you to state your relationship to the deceased and prove it by including copies your photo identification. The fee for the state search is $20, payable by money order or a check payable to the Treasurer of Rhode Island. Extra copies of the death record are $15 each. Send the required documents to the following address:

Rhode Island Dept. of Health
Division of Vital Records
3 Capitol Hill; Room 101
Providence, Rhode Island 02908
Phone: (401) 222-5960

Death Records Rhode Island

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You may be waiting for six to eight weeks before receiving a response unless you add $7 to the fee to get it more quickly. Keep in mind that you must also state why you want a copy of the death record. It would be for the purpose of receiving social security benefits, life insurance benefits and a plethora of other reasons. Or, you can simply state you want the record for more information about your family tree. Rhode Island was settled in the 1600s, so there is a wealth of vital records information available, although not all of the records that far back are retainable. The official recording of deaths didn’t actually begin until 1853, but not all the counties joined in until 1915.

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Internet search sites can also be helpful in finding any sort of vital records you need. The fees are reasonable and there are many sites from which to choose. All use powerful search engines and far-reaching databases to plow through thousands of records in a mere few minutes and can deliver the record to your private email address. These sites can deliver more information to you in a report than most states are allowed to provide because of privacy laws and rules and regulations they must abide by. Private search sites can look deeper than states’ records to find even more information that you could use for your purpose. You won’t need to send photo identification or state a reason why you want a copy of the death certificate and your payment information is encrypted, so no one will ever have access to your name or data. Discover more about how private Internet search sites can help you find Rhode Island death records or any vital record you may need.