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Rhode Island Birth Records

Ideally, every person should keep at least one certified copy of his or her own birth records with him. This is because birth records are some of the most important public records regarding a person, and they establish the fact of existence more potently than mere existence. This, however, is merely an ideal scenario, as there are hundreds of ways that even the most responsible person could lose his or her birth record, but this is no longer that much of a concern as it was a few decades ago, because requesting for copies of birth records is now a relatively easy process. Requesting for birth records is the primary reason why Rhode Island Birth Records and other collection of birth records exist.

Birth records are public records, but they are also vital records. This classification means that while birth records could be issued to the public, there are limitations as to who exactly could request for copies of them. This is because public vital records can establish identity. It is not inconceivable for a skilled person to be able to use these records in order to forge a new identity for themselves in order to avoid their liabilities. This is a crime known as identity theft.

Birth Records Rhode Island

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In Rhode Island, request for birth records at the state level should be directed to the Office of Vital Records, State Department of Health. The office keeps birth records for one hundred years before transferring them to the state archives. Thus, a person who is searching for a birth record that is more than one hundred years old would best be advised to take their search either to the state archives, which is the more advisable option, or to the local issuing authority of the county where the birth occurred.

Requests for birth records at the vital records division is started with the searcher first downloading the relevant form from the website of the division and filling the same up. Note that the searcher should fill up the application form as accurately as possible in order to avoid delays. The next step would be to attach a copy of any government issued identification card on the application. This copy should have a signature of the searcher on both the copy itself and the identification card. Once the copy is attached to the application form, have the same notarized. The next step would be to make a money order to correspond to the required fee which is twenty dollars for the initial copy, plus fifteen dollars for every extra copy ordered at the same time. this done, the searcher should now send all the requirements to the division for processing, and such processing should take between six to eight weeks, unless it is a rush service for an additional seven dollars and would be processed within five days.

Another method of searching for birth records would be to go online and use online databases. These databases proliferate the World Wide Web, making them quite easy to search for. They are even easier to search, providing the same information as government offices despite their non-affiliation. They provide their information in a faster and more efficient manner, with some of the databases actually not charging anything for the use of their database.

Birth Record Rhode Island
The procedure to follow when requesting for birth records at the state level is given below

  • Visit the website of the Division of Vital Records and download the relevant form
  • Fill up the form as accurately as possible and attach to the same a copy of your identification card with your signature on both the copy and the identification card.
  • Have the application form and the copy notarized.
  • Make a money order to correspond to the required fee.
  • Attach the money order to the application form.
  • Send all the requirements via mail to the division for processing
  • Rushed services cost an additional seven dollars. In this case, include the word ‘RUSH’ on the envelope containing the requirements.

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