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Rhode Island Arrest Records

The Attorney General’s office is directed by law to govern all the dealings of all the public and legal documents in Rhode Island. Under its department is the Bureau of Criminal Investigation which officially turns out as an organization which specifically handles all the arrest and criminal reports within the State. By nature, such records are labelled as classified, however, through the state and federal statute the public, entities and other groups may avail such reports for legal uses. So, any transaction related to Rhode Island arrest records, do not hesitate to visit or contact the Bureau of Criminal Investigation unit to do the search.

Technically, BCI is only available within Rhode Island; it has been formed due to the enormous or increasing volume of requests from the people. This office only requires you two things to get information about someone. First is the complete name of the subject and second is his or her date of birth. The cost to order a copy of which would be $5.00 only, payable using check or money order to the office of BCI. More so, the application can be done in three simple ways including in person, by mail, or for a third party service.


Rhode Island Arrest Records


The in-person request is executed by presenting a valid identification to show that you are a legal resident in Rhode Island. It could be a driver’s license, issued identification card or a United States Passport. If you are going to search on a number of people then you will have to send in the request via mail so you will not have to drop them off for pick up when the search is finished. When the request is going to be done by mail you will be required to fill out a signed and notarized release form which you can download online or picked up from BCI. Again, you will need to have a valid government-issued ID for identification purposes. And finally, you will have to submit it to BCI with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Usually, it takes 7 days to wait for the results to arrive via mail.

Furthermore, when somebody else or a third party does the request for you for some reason then that third party will have to complete a signed and notarized release form which is also downloadable online. Also, the same government-issued IDs are going to be expected by BCI to see. Then, a self-addressed stamped envelope is also a requirement when sending it over to the office concerned. All the three forms of application require an amount of $5.00 as fee for the service which is payable through money order or check.

Those who are going out of the country and are required to undergo a background check must contact or visit the Attorney General’s office and ask for his or her signature print out by letter or in person. And then, go to the Secretary of State’s Office for the Apostile. Nowadays, the search is very much done over the web without the need of other people’s assistance. It can be executed on your own for a reasonable cost of money. You only need to input the basic information about the subject and get the outcome in no time. The key here is finding a trusted online record resource which could provide you the best results for whatever purposes.

Rhode Island Criminal Records

How to obtain copies of criminal records?

  • Communicate with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation to do the requests in three forms including mail, in-person or via a third party
  • The cost would be $5.00 per search regardless of what form of request you choose
  • For mail requests you will have to fill out a request form which you can download online
  • Payments will have to be made using a check or money order to BCI
  • Processing time takes seven business days at most

State of Rhode Island Arrest Records

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