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Pennsylvania Criminal Records

Pennsylvania is one of that states that provides public access to some court information such as criminal and some civil data. Pennsylvania criminal records can be obtained by using fingerprints or names and are useful for businesses who go for the security of their organization or by the ordinary citizens who want to know if a person in his or her life is telling the truth about the past. The central repository of Pennsylvania arrest records is the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) and you can request a copy of a record by mail by obtaining a request form, filling it out and sending it to:

Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository – 164
1800 Elmerton Ave.
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Phone: (717) 425-5546


Pennsylvania Criminal
Records Public Access


You’ll need to include a search fee of $10 for each name you want searched. If you are a third party who wants and needs to know if a person in your life is telling the truth, a background criminal search is one of the best ways to set your mind at ease. You can retrieve information about past trials and convictions of sex offenders and other perpetrators that might have committed fraud – or worse. You’ll need to know the name and birth date of the offender and if possible, other information such as gender, maiden name and other states where they may have lived.

Criminal Records Pennsylvania

You might also search for Pennsylvania arrest records by using a private, Internet search site by paying a reasonable fee and submitting a small amount of information. The moment you submit the data, a search for the name will begin by using the powerful databases and search engines used by most of these sites. You’ll likely have the information you need in a matter of moments and can make the educated decision about a person in your life. Today, many lives are being destroyed by repeat criminals who squirm into a family’s or person’s life and create havoc by committing fraud or some type of personal crime such as child molestation. People are now using these Internet sites on an almost constant basis to possibly reveal information about neighbors, love interests, caregivers, employees, coaches, teachers and others who might wreak havoc in your life. By using Internet search sites, you can be assured that your payment and any other personal information will be encrypted and kept private so that no one will ever know that you conducted the search. Using one of these professional sites is easy, reasonably priced and can help you keep people out of your life who might do you harm. To see what an Internet search site can do for you to search through Pennsylvania criminal records, click on the link.