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Oregon Criminal Records

Obtaining Oregon criminal records is offered to the public, but is limited in what information you can access. You must have the other person’s permission to conduct a full search. You’ll need an ‘Open Records Request Form’ from the state of Oregon and send it, along with a $10 fee (check or money order) to:

Oregon Dept. of Human Services
Background Check Unit
P.O. Box 14870
Salem, OR 97309
Phone: (503) 378-5470


Oregon Criminal Records
Public Access


If the name you submit matches a record, you’ll receive the full name, birth date and SID of the perpetrator. For sex offenders, you should be able to provide the sex, race and color of hair and eyes of the individual. Oregon doesn’t fully guarantee the results of the search because of the vast amount of data that keeps changing daily and is difficult for the state to keep up with.Criminal Records Oregon

Going through a state to search for criminal records requires a lot of red tape and being patient when you’re waiting for the information. Another route you may want to consider to search for Oregon arrest records is a private, Internet search site. These professional sits are used by legal professionals who heavily rely on them to provide quick and accurate information. Private citizens can also use these sites to gather information about people in their lives. You may need to know the background of a coach or teacher who is going to have close access to a child. That is simply very important as it allows you to have security and protection for your family. Sex offenders can sneak into neighborhoods easily, and the system often fails to report these criminals in a timely manner. Most of us will want to know if there are people in our neighborhood who might cause harm to our children or ourselves. Violent criminals are also a problem because they often don’t appear to be violent until an incident occurs. Then, it’s too late. Now, you can use the Internet search engines and databases to search through vast amounts of data and provide you with a report that you can rely on to be accurate and up-to-date – just like the professionals who use the sites on a daily basis. Today’s transient society makes it dangerous to simply trust those who enter our lives. It’s best to be safe and look up the backgrounds of these people to set our minds at ease about letting them around our children or into our hearts. Fraud and molestation is committed in this country daily and we must be vigilant about checking out people around us. Click on the link to find out more about how you can easily use one of these Internet search sites to find Oregon criminal records.