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Oregon Arrest Records

The Oregon State Police has created the Public Records Unit to meticulously compile all the Oregon arrest records and criminal reports as mandated by an existing law. You get limited data about the subject if you can only supply his or her name and date of birth whereas if you can obtain fingerprints about the subject the results you get will be complete as fingerprints are more accurate in identifying names. The Identification Services Section in Salem is the selected place where the criminal history records are housed.

For those who are up to requesting their own records must do the following steps: Get a copy of your fingerprints through the blue applicant fingerprint card. The local law enforcement agency near you should be able to provide this vital requirement. If you can’t, then you go to the Oregon State Police to have your fingerprints taken which will cost $20.00. When the card is acquired you submit your request to the Oregon State Police with an amount of $33.00 payable through check or money order. The form called Copy of Own Record Request Form must be filled out to move forward. Also, an extra $5.00 per copy will be charged if you wanted the results to get notarized.


Oregon Arrest Records


More so, the result of your fingerprint search will arrive via mail only for security measures in 7 to 10 business days. You may anytime contact the office just in case you are not receiving anything after 10 days. The said form can be downloaded from the official site of the Oregon State Police or can be retrieved by simply visiting the office in person. On the other hand, if you are going to request for a criminal report of another person, a different or separate request form must be completed in order to proceed with the check.

This time, the request can only be accomplished via mail for $10.00 using check or money order and is payable to the Oregon State Police. The form should be filled out in its entirety; otherwise, the office concerned will not entertain such an application. There are two more things necessary to eventually obtain the records you want, first is you valid reason for doing the request and second would be your personal documents which you show before the office, stating that you are indeed a legitimate citizen in Oregon. Today, the State has launched the Computerized Criminal History unit which is built through fingerprints including data on arrest, court information, and custody details.

The latest update today is that people can at this point perform the search using the Internet where a reputable website can be searched. It is very convenient because you can actually do it anywhere for as long as you have access to the Internet. The only challenging part is finding the right website where you pay for a reasonable fee. It is actually risky because some websites are not legitimate; they exist to only snatch your money without receiving any service from them. So, this online method is a great resource more especially in times when the need is urgent.

Oregon Criminal Records

Simple steps to acquire a copy of a criminal record:

  • If you are to request your own record you must obtain the blue applicant fingerprint card, complete the request form , avail the service from a local law enforcement agency or do it at the Oregon State Police for $20.00
  • The request costs $33.00 per copy and is paid using check or money order to the State Police office. An additional of $5.00 will be charged if you wanted a notarized copy
  • Results will be mailed in 7 to 10 business days
  • If you are to request other people’s records you will have to fill out the criminal history information form and pay $10.00 per search via check or money order. This is done through a mail request.

State of Oregon Arrest Records

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