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Oklahoma Criminal Records

The Oklahoma Criminal Records are stored in a central database at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Residents may perform either using names or fingerprints of the subject; he or she just needs to indicate it on the application form. Payments for these 2 methods are $15.00 for the name-based search and $19.00 for the fingerprint which are payable using credit card, certified check or money order. Additionally, the request can be sent via mail or walk-in.

The Bureau of Investigation office also handles state forensic laboratory, a statistical analysis center and concealed weapon licenses. Fingerprints can be obtained technically at your local law enforcement agency. A bill has been imposed to allow the public to access such important documents with limitations to certain information as provided in the Oklahoma Open Records Act. Only the government-run offices, specifically the law enforcement agencies have the complete details of Oklahoma criminal reports. Others can have but not everything that relates such files.


Oklahoma Criminal Records
Public Access


People in Oklahoma have the option of getting such information through the state’s Department of Correction website. You just need to completely fill out the Oklahoma Background Check Request Form and send to the state’s Bureau of Investigation office. Oklahoma criminal reports include all arrest and conviction information for misdemeanor and felonies with fingerprints as supporting documents.

The public should not worry because government resources are available to protect your family and the general public from the law breakers in the society. Interestingly, with this information age, data on Oklahoma Criminal Records are retrieval in just a few minutes. A computer with Internet connection is the key to unlock the truth in no time these days. Plus, it is very convenient because the search can be done at home anytime. The advice is to choose a 100% legitimate websites with full money-back guarantee to initiate the search effectively.