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Oklahoma Birth Records

The Oklahoma Birth Records can be acquired at the Vital Records Service office, State Department of Health at $15.00 per copy. Paper works for the said document began since October 1908 until now. Prior to that, earlier records were archived by some counties in 1891. Only personal check and money order are acceptable as mode of payment to the office of Vital Records Service. Oklahoma also owns a website where the public can view data on the steps of obtaining certified copies, eligibility requirements, and a list of acceptable identification.

Application must procure a copy of its official photo ID and fill-out the needed information in the request form along with the amount for the service fee. Ordering them can be done by visiting the concerned office or by sending it through mail. Such processes take weeks to finish everything because of the typical government formalities and standard operating procedures. Oklahoma birth certificates on the other hand can be placed by filling out the form and send it to the state’s department of health as well.

Birth Records Oklahoma

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But, there are limits as to who only may acquire such records. If the subject still lives, only the person on the record, parents, adult child, spouse or grandparent of the person of record are allowed to access. Legal parties or representatives can request but with proper consent and proof of eligibility to obtain such important files. If the subject already passed away, anybody can have access but will have to show a documented proof of death. Offices that are tasked to administer these files are located in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and McAlester.

Oklahoma Birth Certificate

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