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Ohio Criminal Records

The main storage for all Ohio Criminal Records is the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation which is technically under the authority of the Attorney General’s office. Their primary function is to make a thorough compilation of fingerprints and photos involving cases on felony and misdemeanor arrests in the said state. Part of their duty also is to examine DNA samples to resolve any sort of legal complaints.

As an official rule, searches have to be done through fingerprints using a card scan which has been electronically designed to create a fingerprinting system. Those who wish to review their own records may do so but had to be fingerprinted first at the appropriate location and must sign a release. It is also a per-requisite to secure a government-issued ID so you may proceed with the whole process. Payment will be $22.00 for the entire service fee.


Ohio Criminal Records
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Apart from the Criminal Identification and Investigation department, criminal documents are also stored online from the other law enforcement agencies in Ohio. Some of the other resources include the Department of Public Safety and Ohio Habitual Offenders Registry where searches can be performed by simply typing in the name of the subject with his or her county and zip code. Websites for legal records are also developed in Ohio Attorney General office, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Sex Offenders registry. These are all initiated to conduct more specific searches.

Criminal Records Ohio

Thanks to the shift from offline to online retrieval of records for the search has been made way much easier and quicker. Nowadays, you no longer have to prepare the paper documents as part of the many requirements at government agencies. Plus, you can get over in spending much time waiting in line for your request. A significant development comes with the advancement of modern computerization and the Internet where Ohio Criminal Records can be pulled-out at home in no time. The advice though is to look for a 100% trusted provider which in addition offers full money-back guarantee to execute the search effectively.