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North Dakota Death Records

North Dakota state resources let you obtain certified copies of death certificates by paying a small search fee and providing information about yourself – such as a copy of photo identification. You’ll also need to fill out an application to request the record. North Dakota death records are issues in various forms, including one (full report) that includes vital information such as the Social Security number of the deceased and the facts surrounding the cause of death. This is valuable data if you have legal issues to prove, but if you’re only requesting the death certificate for genealogical reasons, you won’t need all of that information. The full death certificate and facts surrounding the death certificate can only be issued to family members of the deceased, but a simple record containing partial information can be issued to anyone. Even if you only want the simple death record, you’ll need to provide photo identification to prove that you’re the person requesting the certificate. After you’ve gathered all the necessary information, send it with a $5 fee (money order, check or credit card number) to the following address:

North Dakota Dept. of Health
Vital Records Division
600 East Boulevard Avenue – Department 301
Bismark, North Dakota 58505
Phone: (701) 328-2360

Death Records North Dakota

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The fee cannot be returned even if no death record is found. The records you may obtain can be found dating to the year 1881. The state archives may have the records if the death occurred before that year. Private, Internet search sites can also be a resource for requesting and receiving North Dakota death records.

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Internet search sites can quickly retrieve data that may take the state days or even weeks to gather. You never have to present identification or state a reason why you need the death record, and you’ll have the advantage of a thorough search where data is referenced and cross-referenced by huge databases and search engines. Legal professionals and genealogists depend on these sites for accurate and thorough information that they need on a daily basis. If no record is found for the data you submitted, you pay nothing. Internet search sites are great alternatives to using a slow-moving and complicated state search. Most states have privacy laws regarding how much information they can provide and also need proof that you’re related to the deceased in some way. The applications can be cumbersome to fill out and very intrusive into your private information. When using an Internet search site, you simply submit a small amount of data and let them do the rest. Usually, you’ll receive a full and accurate report in a matter of moments, and it will be sent to your private email address. See what you think about using a private Internet search site to find North Dakota death records by clicking on the link.