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North Dakota Birth Records

Birth records are the first record that a person would encounter in his or her life because they are the records that would establish the existence of the person. Although there are people who have no birth records, the number of people who have no birth records made for them the moment that they are born are steadily declining. Birth records establish the fact of existence of a specific person in the legal sense because while a person could claim to be a certain someone, without a birth record to back up this claim, it would be taken with a grain of salt. North Dakota Birth Records, therefore are important because they could establish identity and the fact of existence in the legal sense.

Birth records are vital public records, which means that while they are available to the public, there are certain requirements that must first be complied with before they could be released to the person requesting the same, and one of the requirements when it comes to vital records is that the person making the request is either the person who the records refer to or someone related to him. The security requirement is there because birth records are capable of establishing identity. Therefore, a skilled person could use this birth records in order to steal the identity of a person in a crime known as identity theft.

Birth Records North Dakota

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In the state of North Dakota, the primary state agency that keeps and releases birth records is the North Dakota Department of Health, Vital Records. The department keeps records from as far back as the year 1870, but note that records between the years 1870 to 1920 are incomplete. If the record being requested for refers to a birth that occurred before 1920, it may be advisable to search for the records either at the local issuing authority of the county where the birth occurred or to direct the search to the state archives, with the latter being the more preferred option.
A request for birth records at the vital records division of the department of health begins with the searcher first downloading the form required and filling up the same. Once completed, a copy of any government issued identification card with the signature of the searcher should be attached to the form, before having the form notarized. As for the required fee, the vital records division would only accept credit card payments so it is necessary to include the credit card number and expiration date on the request form. The required fee is seven dollars for the initial copy, plus four dollars per additional records requested at the same time.

Birth records could also be searched for using the World Wide Web through the use of online databases. Although most are unaffiliated with the government, these websites do provide the same information as government offices and databases with the major difference that they provide this information faster and in a more efficient manner. Internet searches do not require the searcher to even leave their home in order to conduct the search and most of the online databases do not charge anything for their services.

Birth Records North Dakota
The procedure given below is the procedure to follow when requesting for birth records at the state level

  • Download the relevant application form from the website of the department of health.
  • Fill up the application form as accurately as possible. Note the credit card requirement questions that must be filled as well.
  • Attach a copy of any government issued identification card with your signature on the application form.
  • Have the application form notarized.
  • Mail the application form to the department for processing.
  • Wait five to seven days after the application had been received by the department for processing.

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