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North Dakota Arrest Records

The government of North Dakota has installed the State’s Attorney General’s office to have full coordination with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation unit in the administrative work over the public and legal records like the North Dakota arrest records. The compilation of records starts from the fingerprints taken from those that have been arrested as they are required to be fingerprint by the time they are held under police custody. Once a person is convicted of the crime committed, his or her records will be accessible to anybody as it becomes part of the criminal history database in North Dakota.

So, here’s what you will get when searching for the state’s criminal records, you will find out the convictions recorded even when it is very old already, charges filed and the prison custody which is less than three years old. On the contrary, you cannot retrieve records if the charges filed did not result to a conviction, if the prison record is already more than three years old, if it is a juvenile record, if it is a federal record, if it is related to traffic violation, if it is a civil judgment and if they are the records from the other states. So, you either go to the Attorney General’s office or go directly to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation to get firsthand information on the process of getting copies of it.


North Dakota Arrest Records


Apartment from the criminal history repository, BCI also maintains the sex offender registry to ensure that the offenders are officially registered so people are aware of their past records and to guarantee that it will not happen again. As a rule provided by the state’s law concerning these records, BCI collects and receives all the detailed information from the local law enforcement units, state’s attorneys, the courts, parole and probation and other government-instituted organizations which also keep certain legitimate reports. So, BCI gathers them all and store them in one database being considered as the central repository in North Dakota.

So, how do we exactly begin the criminal history check? It is kicked off by placing the name of the person of interest as the subject of the request. You can do the search either through a name-based check or a fingerprint-based check depending on what is suitable for your need. Fingerprints can be obtained from a local law enforcement agency for convenience purposes. The requirements to fulfill include the subject’s complete name, date of birth, social security number or his or her fingerprints, and the present address. Whether it is name-based or fingerprint-based the fee for doing the request is $15.00 per copy. BCI will provide you the request form which you will need to fill out completely so you can proceed with the search.

Payments will have to be done through money order or check payable to the Attorney General’s office. The results then will be mailed to you in 10 days to 2 weeks estimated time depending on how extensive the search is going to be. Nowadays, this processing time can definitely be cut short by resorting to an online records solution. The service is fast as you only need to type in a few bits of information about the subject and in no time you will get to download the full report which you are requesting for. This approach saves a lot of time and effort, plus very handy to conduct because you only need an Internet access to perform the check.

North Dakota Criminal Records

Steps to take when requesting for a criminal record:

  • Fill out the Criminal History Request form
  • Write the name of the person of interest as your request Subject
  • You can do either name-based or fingerprint-based checks. Go to your local law enforcement unit to obtain fingerprints
  • Pay $15.00 for the fee, made to the Attorney General’s office using check or money order
  • 10 days to 2 weeks will be the processing time depending on how much data you are requesting for
  • If you want it notarized you will have to pay an additional fee

State of North Dakota Arrest Records

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