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New York Criminal Records

The central database for New York Criminal Records with all the fingerprints related to misdemeanor and felony is at the Division of Criminal Justice Services specifically the Criminal Identification Unit. Requestors have to fill-out a request form with $50.00 for the records search fee and $11.50 for the processing fee. Search results include all arrests, convictions, sentences and dispositions, including civil offenses, on record for the subject.

To date, around 400,000 individuals have been involved in criminal cases which are updated on a quarterly basis. The said reports can be obtained at various levels such as federal, national, state, county and city criminal records. Based on files, the Department of Correctional Services houses 58,000 inmates jailed in the said state. Look up for inmates may be done through the Correctional Services’ online database. The search will be based on ID number or via a combination of name and birth.


New York Criminal Records
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Inmate records can be pulled out except on the juvenile, formerly imprisoned non-violent offenders, and those who had a conviction set aside. Data on individual detainee include name, gender, date of birth, race, custody status, jail address, date detained, county of commitment, a list of up to four criminal convictions, projected dismissal date, and terms of sentence. Background checks will have to be supervised by the Office of Court Administration for security reasons.

Criminal Records New York

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