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If you’re searching for marriage records to trace genealogy or for legal purposes you know that it can be a tedious and time-consuming process. New Mexico marriage records are filled with history that might be useful for family tree information to simply to verify a person’s background. The New Mexico State Records Center and Archives contains much historical data, but if you’re searching for a more current record, you’ll need to apply through the county in which the marriage took place. Until you can determine the county, there’s no way the state can help you find the record you need. When you know the county, you can then apply to the county clerk’s office for the information. You can find a list of counties and the clerks’ addresses online. The county clerks’ offices have always been responsible for recording New Mexico marriage records, so there is no central location for you to request information. There are certain rules for acquiring a copy of a New Mexico marriage record and each county has different rules. With some, you may be asked to provide identification and the reason why you want the record. You may also have to fill out an application form and provide information about the couple listed on the marriage record.

Another way to find the information you need about New Mexico marital records and avoid the hassle of going through the county court system is to use the services of an online search site. These Internet sites employ professionals who know how to search through vast amounts of data at once. They have search engines and databases that are much more powerful than their state counterparts and can even search multiple states for you. Many ancestry researchers and legal professionals use these sites to ensure the accuracy of the data they receive and to get it in a timely manner.


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You’ll likely receive a full report within moments after submitting a small amount of information required for the search. You’ll never have to reveal who you are and can read the report in the privacy of your own home or office.

If you’re searching through New Mexico marriage records to find more information about your family, you can gain a wealth of information. Marriage records can reveal much more data about the two people who were married than just the names and date of the event. You can discover the names of their parents, addresses, children involved and much more that can help you trace your family tree. Online search sites have been able to help enormously in these search endeavors by making it fast and easy for anyone to access vital records. To find out more about online search sites and search through New Mexico marriage records, click on the link.