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New Mexico Divorce Records

There was a time when divorce was illegal in most of the country. Now, however, divorce is a fact of life and there are literally millions of divorces on file. Each state has its own methods of filing divorce decree. In New Mexico, divorce records are part of the Vital Records department, but must be obtained from the county in which the divorce was granted. If you don’t know the county or can’t find the record, you can send a request to:

New Mexico State Records Center and Archives
1205 Camino Carlos Rey
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87125
Phone: (505) 476-7900


Divorce In New Mexico

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NM Divorce Records

When you apply for a copy of the divorce record, you should send as much information as you have about the parties. Vital to the search are the bride’s and groom’s full names and nicknames, if any, marriage date, the county where the marriage license was issued, your relationship to the couple and why you want the record. If you’re considering remarriage, you might want to get a copy of the divorce decree to prove that you were actually divorced. There are many other reasons to search through a state’s divorce records, including immigration, adoption and genealogical issues. Divorces can reveal much information about a person’s background, such as past addresses, legal settlements, child custody issues and more. If you don’t have all of the data requested, fill out as much as you can. Another way to search through New Mexico divorce records is to use the service of an online, fee-based search site. These sites are numerous on the Internet, and all you need to do is find a reputable one that can quickly retrieve the data you need – and keep your identification private. The fee is usually refundable if no record is found. Legal professionals and genealogists may have monthly memberships to an online site because of their constant need for relevant data. They are assured that the information they receive is both accurate and timely and that they receive it in a short amount of time. These professionals can’t use a service that they can’t rely upon for trusted data. They need to retrieve information from a reliable site that uses powerful databases and search engines to go far beyond the scope that a simple state-based search can provide. No matter why you’re requesting a divorce record, you’ll want the report to be accurate and easy to read. Only from fee-based, online search sites can you ensure that your report will be everything you need and want.

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