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New Mexico Birth Records

Ideally, a person would always have a birth record and he or she would always keep a copy of the same with him or her for their entire life. This is because birth records are the first public records that a person would encounter in their life, and it is possible that the record was first started even before the person whom the record refer to was born, though, of course, the record would only be completed after the person was born. New Mexico Birth Records like all birth records around the country and the world could be used to establish identity and the fact of existence of a person in legal proceedings.

Now, birth records are supposed to be public records, and while this would normally make such records available to the public, birth records have the added classification of being public records and because of this, the people to whom such records could be issued are limited. This is because vital records establish identity among other things and a skilled criminal or other person could use birth records in order to establish new identities for themselves or others allowing such persons to not only escape liability for their actions, but potentially involve innocent people as well.

Birth Records New Mexico

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In the state of New Mexico, the primary agency that should be contacted at the state level when requesting for birth records would be the New Mexico Department of Health. The department is part of the executive department of the state government and keeps vital records as far back as the year 1920. The department also has copies of records going back to the year 1880, but those are incomplete. For births occurring before the year 1920, it is advised to search at the local issuing authority of the county where the birth occurred or through the state archives.

Requesting for a birth record at the state level from the department of health begins with the searcher downloading the relevant application form from the website of the department. Note that the correct application form should be downloaded because there are different application forms. Once the form had been downloaded, the searcher should fill up the same as accurately as possible and attach to the same a copy of any government issued identification card with the signature of the searcher visible. The form must then be notarized and a money order corresponding to the required fee attached to the same. The required fee is ten dollars per copy of a birth record. If there are no birth records, the searcher would be issued a certificate attesting to the same which costs ten dollars. The extra fee would be refunded in such a case.

A faster search could be conducted online using online databases. Although most are unaffiliated with the government, they do provide the same information as government databases albeit these unaffiliated websites provide their information in a faster and more efficient manner. Some of these databases do not even charge anything for the use of their services, and because they are internet searches, they could be conducted from the home of the searcher without the need to fall in line or to even leave the home of the searcher.

Birth Records New Mexico
Given below is the procedure to request for birth records at the state level

  • Download the relevant application form from the website of the New Mexico Department of Health.
  • Fill up the application form as accurately as possible.
  • Make a copy of any government issued identification card with your signature visible and attach the same to the application form.
  • Have the application form notarized.
  • Determine your required fee and make a money order to correspond to the same.
  • Send all the requirements to the department for processing via mail.

New Mexico Birth Certificate

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