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New Jersey Death Records

New Jersey is a north-eastern state that has a long history and has recorded much vital data, including death records. New Jersey has maintained that vital records are not public, so you can’t search for them online, but you can search by mail. Just keep in mind that you must prove that you’re a family member of the deceased by producing identification if you require a certified copy of the death certificate. You may request a genealogical search for a death that took place over forty years ago, but the restrictions on both new and old records are the same. However, if the death record you need took place before 1901, anyone can obtain a copy without restrictions. Certified copies of New Jersey death records are provided with the state seal and are necessary for legal purposes such as immigration or proof that you were related to the person. You’ll need to complete a form for the request and send it with the required information (including copies of identification) to:

New Jersey Dept. of Health
New Jersey Vital Statistics and Registration Bureau
P.O. Box 370
Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: (609) 292-4087

Death Records New Jersey

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Include a money order or check for $25 to cover the search fee, made payable to ‘Treasurer of the State of New Jersey’. Be sure to state on the form whether you want the certificate for non-genealogical or genealogical purposes. You may have to wait for twelve to fourteen weeks for a response from the New Jersey Department of Health. Death records in New Jersey have been recorded in some counties since 1878.

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The red tape involved in retrieving some states’ vital records is a mire of restrictions, but you don’t have to go through a state-based search to obtain some of these records. Now, online Internet search services offer the same results – sometimes, you’ll receive even more data than you would from a state-based search. Simply submit some information about the vital record you’re searching for and usually within minutes, you’ll receive a full report about the person to your email address. These Internet sites can also easily cross-reference information contained in other states and give you much more data than you expected. For a reasonable fee, you can get the information you need and bypass the rules and regulations that most states have in place for accessing vital records. These search sites have become more and more popular since the advent of the Internet and the ease of being able to search through vast amounts of data in the shortest amount of time. Find out how you can search through New Jersey death records to obtain the data you need for genealogical or legal purposes by clicking on the link.