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New Jersey Criminal Records

If you need to search through New Jersey criminal records to find background information about a person in your life, there are few things you need to know that will help the search go smoother. New Jersey arrest records can be located through the Department of Corrections by mailing a request to:

Dept. of Corrections
Whittlesey Rd.
P.O. Box 863
Trenton, NJ 08625
Phone: (609) 292-4036

Some New Jersey criminal records may have been expunged from the system or the information sealed by the judge, so you may not receive all of the data you requested. Government offices can usually see this information, but a non-governmental person may not be able to unless proven otherwise that they’re seeking background data for certain purposes. Some people might need a copy of their own criminal background check for instances such as obtaining a visa, immigration or international adoptions. Be sure you have all the information you need to present to the New Jersey Department of Corrections before you send in the request form.


New Jersey Criminal Records
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Criminal Records New Jersey

Another way to retrieve New Jersey arrest records is to use an online search service that’s particularly designed for obtaining background information quickly and presenting an accurate report on the results. Genealogists and legal professionals use these private sites on a daily basis and maintain monthly memberships, but you can perform a one-time search by paying a single fee. You’ll likely receive the report in a matter of moments rather than having to wait days and sometimes weeks to hear from a state office. If no record is found for the name you requested, there is no charge. Today, we have no way of knowing if what a person telling us is the truth. That’s why these online sites have become so popular. Not only are we searching for background information on employment or governmental issues – we also need to know the past of a love interest in ours or a loved one’s live. Fraudulent claims about a person’s past could lead us in the directions of placing trust where we shouldn’t. For example, many people have been defrauded out of millions of dollars by criminals who make it their business to become close to a person and then “borrow” money that they never plan to return. Others have married someone and then later found out that the person has been married before (or may still be married) and lives a double life. These are the reasons why we should all check backgrounds of those who have recently entered our lives. It’s no longer an option – it’s a necessity. To discover how private, online search sites can help you find New Jersey criminal records, please click on the link.