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New Jersey Birth Records

There is a record for every person available to the general public, and generally, the first record in a dossier that is so dedicated to a specific person is the birth record of that person. This is because birth records are the first public record that a person would encounter in his or her life. Often, these records were made even before the person was born, though it is only completed after the person is born. Thus, birth records not only establish identity, it also establishes the fact of existence of a person. A person can claim to be anyone he wants to be, but without a birth record certifying the same, his claims would be not be taken seriously. Taking all of these into consideration, it is not that difficult to see why the collection of records known as the New Jersey Birth Records is important in the everyday life of a person.

Birth records are classified under public vital records. This classification would generally mean that the record is available to the public, but because they are vital records, there are some limitations as to who may actually obtain copies of the records. The limitation is there because vital records are used to establish something. As was mentioned before, birth records could and do establish the identity of the person, thus, it is possible to use birth records, or any vital records for that matter, to steal the identity of a person in a crime known as identity theft.

Birth Records New Jersey

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Now, in New Jersey, the primary state level department tasked with releasing birth records is the Office of Vital Records and Registry, a division of the New Jersey Department of Health. The division holds records of all vital records including birth records from the year 1911. Any birth record for a birth occurring before that date may be obtained from either the local issuing authority in the county where the birth occurred or through the state archives. The latter is suggested.

Requesting for a vital record at the Office of Vital Records and Registry is often a long process, albeit a simple one. It starts with the requester first downloading the relevant form from the website of the office. Once filled, the requester should have the same notarized as the birth record that would be requested would be a certified copy. An additional requirement would be a copy of any government issued identification card bearing the signature of the requester. Once both are completed, the requester should make a money order payable to the office for the required fee which is twenty five dollars for the initial copy, plus two dollars for additional copies. Once this is completed, all that is left is to send the requirements to the office for processing.

Another method of searching for government records would be to search for them online using online resources. There are a number of privately owned and operated databases that provide this service, and though they are not affiliated with the government, most of them provide the same information as government offices and databases, albeit in a faster and more efficient manner. Some of these websites do not even charge anything for the use of their services.

Birth Records New Jersey
A request for vital records at the state level should comply with the procedure given below

  • Download the relevant form from the website of the Office of Vital Records and Registry
  • Fill up the form and have it notarized afterwards
  • Determine your required fee in accordance with the schedule of fees of the office and make a money order to correspond to the same.
  • Make a copy of any government issued identification card, front and back with your signature visible on the copy.
  • Attach the money order and the copy of the identification card with the notarized application form.
  • Send all requirements via mail to the office for processing

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