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New Hampshire Arrest Records

The State Police Division of New Hampshire forms the Support Services Bureau Criminal Records Unit which now houses all the arrest and criminal reports ever filed within the state. The object would be to make the Criminal History Record Information accessible for public viewing and also for the consumption of the different law enforcement agencies and other government offices. The legal information which one can get contains all the criminal arrest and dispositions of people being charged with a criminal violation. On this note, the Criminal Records Unit managed an Automated Fingerprint Identification System as an effective means to quickly identify the person of interest.

These pieces of criminal information can only be used either for criminal justice or non-criminal justice purposes. A criminal justice reason is leveraged by the law enforcement agencies and also for judicial functions while non-criminal justice is used for background checking purposes such as for employment, housing and other legal reference purposes. You cannot obtain copies of arrest and criminal unless you go through the legal process. The Revised Statute Annotated (RSA) 106-B: 14 states the confidentiality of the records and that there are rules that govern in the act of requesting copies of it. Part of the rules imposed includes the asking of consent from the owner of the record if the request is for non-criminal justice.

New Hampshire Arrest Records

The search in New Hampshire can be done via mail or in person. If you are doing it in person then you will have to bring with you a copy of a valid ID like a passport or a driver’s license. By default, you will have to procure a copy of the request form and fill it out completely to get it going. If you are to request via mail then that requires notarization of your application papers. If you want somebody else to do the request for you, a notarized request is still necessary. The fee to do the request is $25.00 which you will pay to the Central Repository for Criminal Records.

More so, the laws regulating the release of criminal records are always implemented to ensure the smooth run of these legal records. In connection to these laws, a requestor must forward a fingerprint impression which is captured by putting an ink to the fingers and then the impression is positioned on a fingerprint card. It can also be done through an electronic capture using a livescan device. A lot of applicants do this latter method since it produces more accurate fingerprint impressions. To do this step, you need to set an appointment with the Criminal Records Unit so you can be accommodated.

The State has particular rulings depending on what kind of check you want to pursue for instance school employee background check, banking department background check, municipal employee background check among many others. There are rules and guidelines imposed on a given type of search. Today, the residents in New Hampshire need not go through all these procedures this time for the said records can be pulled up in no time using the Internet where you can find a reliable records service which feeds you the information you need. So, the choice is yours as to whether you go for the manual method or go for this online approach.

New Hampshire Criminal Records

Process to acquire a copy of criminal records:

  • Obtain a copy of the request form and fill it out completely
  • You can apply in person or via mail
  • Present a valid ID like your driver’s license or passport
  • Mail applications will have to be to be notarized as required by law
  • Submit application to the Criminal Records Unit

State of New Hampshire Arrest Records

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