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Nevada Criminal Records

You can search through Nevada criminal records yourself or send a request for a state search. If you don’t live in Nevada, you can also request a record by mail if you fill out a Nevada Background Check Request form and send it with a money order or certified check for $21 to:

Nevada Dept. of Public Safety
333 West Nye Lane, Ste., 100
Carson City, NV 89706
Phone: (775) 684-6262



Nevada Criminal Records
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You’ll likely receive a reply to your request within approximately two weeks. You just have to go through the proper procedure in the pursuit of the Nevada criminal records. You can search through Nevada arrest records if you want to check out the background of someone you suspect of having a shaded past and just want to set your mind at ease that he or she is telling the truth. Many businesses and others use the services of an Internet search site to acquire criminal records. There are many sites that charge a reasonable fee and can deliver the requested information within moments. This is important if you need the data for legal reasons.

Criminal Records Nevada

You may want to check out a new neighbor, new love interest, teacher or coach that’s around your children. Criminal records searches have also become popular for anybody who wants to be sure that their families and loved ones are secured. No one wants to go through the mental trauma of letting a person get into your life and then find out that you’ve been defrauded in some way. These people rely on your innocent trust in what they tell you, and it’s very likely that they have a record of defrauding others. Using an Internet search site to find the information you need is a small price to pay for making sure that a monster of some sort isn’t within your sphere. A Nevada arrest records search through the state might not reveal all of the information you need to make an educated decision. Many states only offer small amounts of data such as dates and offenses. When you use a professional Internet search site, you’ll likely receive information that will tell you much more – such as A.K.A names, previous addresses and other personal data that you won’t receive from a state-based search. Professionals such as genealogists and lawyers often maintain monthly memberships to a search site so they can pull up information on a constant basis. But, you can conduct a one-time search if you wish to make sure that a person in your life is telling the truth about his or her past. Don’t hesitate to gather the information you need to make a decision. Check out more about how you can conduct a search through Nevada criminal records by clicking on the link.