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Nebraska Marriage Records

Information contained on marriage records can reveal a lot about your family background and lead you to other vital records that can help you delve even further into your ancestry. Many details can be found in Nebraska marriage records, and the state has an index database that can help you. But, you must fit the criteria of those who are allowed to receive the records. You’ll need to fill out an application stating the information you need and provide copies of your photo identification. Even though these vital record sites are considered public, there are privacy laws in most state that prevent anyone from viewing the records unless there is a need or they are somehow related to one of the persons on the marriage decree. To go through the state to search for certain Nebraska marital records, fill out the appropriate application (Nebraska marriage certificate application) and mail it to:

Nebraska Office of Vital Records
P.O. Box 95065
Lincoln, NE 68509-5065
(402) 471-2871


Marriage Records Nebraska

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Include a check or money order for $11 to cover the search fee and copies of your identification. Nebraska maintains accounts of marriages from 1909 until present day. If the marriage took place before that time, you’ll need to apply through the county clerk where the marriage occurred. Marriage records are an excellent way to find background information about a person in your life, a relative, friend or anyone you want to know more about. Nebraska marital records can provide a wealth of data about previous marriages, addresses, children, parents and other information that will detail at least part of a person’s life. If you search for records through the state, it may take awhile to receive the information because of the huge volume of data. And, it may not be as accurate or up to date as you would like because of the human error factor.

Nebraska Marriage License Records

Another way to search through Nebraska marriage records is to find a reputable Internet search service. These services can quickly cut through red tape and with very little input from you, can quickly find the requested information. There will be a one-time fee for the search and you don’t have to pay if no record is revealed. The powerful search engines of these private search services instantly plow through records until they find the one you requested. They then compile the information and present it to your private email address in a concise report form. No one will know who conducted the search because your payment information is encrypted – and, you don’t have to present identification or state a reason why you want the record. It’s a great way to discover details about your ancestry or someone in your life. Simply click on the link to find out how a private Internet search service can help you find Nebraska marriage records.