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Montana Arrest Records

The Department of Criminal Investigation under the Montana Department of Justice has been commissioned to be the central repository for all the Montana arrest records and criminal reports compiled within the area of jurisdiction. As per the statute of the state, DCI will have to cater the requests from the government offices, private entities, and the general public to perform a background check. However, certain guidelines will have to be adhered to in order to get the search going and more importantly to get the approval of the Department of Criminal Investigation.

Members of the general public can receive the following details such as the arrest and prosecutor information on felony cases and misdemeanor charges. But due to the privacy laws in Montana, not all legal data will have to be divulged for security purposes. Those cases that have been dismissed will not be viewed nor accessed by the public as per the provision of the law. More so, the requesting law enforcement units may also perform the request if it will be used for criminal justice purposes. Other than that, the office concerned will disallow any other reasons for executing the check.


Montana Arrest Records


The fees to obtain a copy of a criminal record in Montana actually vary depending on the amount of information which a requestor would want to collect or obtain. Thus, you must specify as to what type of information would you want to retrieve so that the office will know how much to charge you. You may actually call the office or visit in person to inquire about the cost of service. At present, fees go from $11.50 to $27.25 for conducting a background check. In Montana, you also get to do the two different forms of checking either through a name-based check or through a fingerprint check.

For the name-based checks, the information which you need to prepare includes the subject’s name, date of birth and the social security number. Fingerprint-based checks in the state are described to be accurate and comprehensive as they technically have the fingerprints of the subjects involved which will clearly identify the subjects you are searching for. Aside from the two options to perform the search, the state has also designed an online archive called the Criminal History Online Public Record Search portal where you only have to supply the basic details about the subject and pay an amount of $13.00 for each search using credit cards or eChecks.

A mail request is also catered by the state, on this note you only have to provide the name of the person you are searching for, date of birth and the social security number. Then you need to state whether it is a name-based or fingerprint-based check. This costs $11.50, then mail to the Montana Criminal Records office with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Also, performing the request in person is doable, you just have to fill out a request form and submit your application to the same office. But today, you can get rid of all of these manual processes by simply subscribing into a trusted online records service which is capable of providing the information in just a few minutes. It is indeed a good option for those who are planning to conduct a background check.

Montana Criminal Records

The procedure to obtain the criminal records in Montana is quite easy:

  • Requests can be done through name-based or fingerprint checks
  • Fees range from $11.50 to $27.25 depending on the amount of information which you want to request from
  • An online request can also be done through the State’s Online Public Records Search portal which costs $13.00 per copy
  • Mail requests and in-person requests can also be executed, you just have to specify if you wanted a name-based check or a fingerprint-based check

State of Montana Arrest Records

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