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Mississippi Criminal Records

Mississippi criminal records are ordered through fingerprint identification. However, they are not easily obtained by anyone; a requesting party has to have the credibility of getting such records for whatever legal purposes. The state offices which residents can go visit to for the said legal documents include the state’s Department of Corrections, the Mississippi State Police, and the state court system. Others can also go to the local law enforcement or governing agency.

To acquire a background check report on someone you need to keep in touch with the state’s Bureau of Investigation office. To do that, you need to have fingerprint cards from your county police headquarters. Next step would be to forward the prints to the Criminal Information Center. The said center would then compare them with the state and FBI archives. There are actually so many resources that individuals can go conduct the search from. As a matter of fact, Mississippi also created the Department of Public Safety which has an online database that holds a list of all the authorized state and federal agencies for criminal records searches.


Mississippi Criminal Records
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In Mississippi, criminal records have been documented since 1975 up to present. They have also organized their records database by not only providing a venue to perform inmate searches but also features crime statistics and victim services. The service fee that would be required depends on how much details you would need to obtain. To find out the exact amount to be paid just keep in touch with the Mississippi Department of Corrections for inquiries.

Criminal Records Mississippi

Searches could take longer than expected probably because of the state’s lack of equipment to facilitate the search. But, as time went by, they were able to develop an online database where searches can be conducted from. However, it can only do limited functions and can only offer fewer details. The good news is that online records services these days have existed to help quicken the whole records retrieval process. In fact, the all-encompassing data can be downloaded one-time within the convenience of one’s home. Just make sure that you agreed with a trustworthy online resource for the data that you need.