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Minnesota Marriage Records

Recording of Minnesota marriage records began in 1870, but some counties may keep records even earlier than that. As with other states, Minnesota keeps records of vital statistics within the county in which the event took place so you must know the county before requesting a copy. If you don’t know the county name, you can use other methods to find out. Once you know the county, you can request the copy by writing to:

Minnesota Dept. of Health
Vital Statistics Registration Section
P.O. Box 9441
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55440-9441
Phone: (651) 201-5000


Marriage Records Minnesota

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Sometimes the task of finding Minnesota marital records can be time consuming and tiresome, especially if you don’t have a lot of information to offer for the search. Another way to make the search more effective and less bothersome is to enlist the services of an Internet search site that employs professionals to help you with your search. Because of the power it maintains in their databases and search engines, these search services can cut through the red tape involved and find the record you want with a minimal amount of data from you. They can also deliver a more accurate report to your home or office computer in a matter of moments – much faster than you can receive it from a state-based search site. Professional genealogists most always prefer these sites over a state search because they can find and provide data that you may not receive when you go through the state. All of the information you can find will help you trace your family tree much more accurately.

Minnesota Marriage License Records

Legal professionals also use Internet search sites to provide data for a case or information about a person under investigation. They don’t need to reveal their identities or state a reason why they want a copy of the marriage certificate. And, all information that you provide to a reputable Internet search site is encrypted and never released to anyone. If you need anonymity for your search, going through an Internet search site is a way to keep it strictly confidential. A thorough report on the Minnesota marital record you requested will be sent to your home or office email address and you can read it in privacy. Most of these online search sites charge a very reasonable fee and if they don’t find the record you need, you pay nothing. It’s a great way to bypass the incredible amount of red tape and regulations that you might find in state-based search operations to find vital records. Privacy laws keep some states from revealing some of the data that might be pertinent to your search – but private search sites have no such rules and can even search multiple states to find the record you need. For more information about how to use an Internet search site to find Minnesota marriage records, click on the link.