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Minnesota Divorce Records

With over 485,000 files of Minnesota divorce records, indicating over three decades of divorces, you can understand how the state can be overwhelmed. The records are now maintained by the Minnesota Department of Health for each county and reflect divorces that occurred between 1970 and 2003. If you request a copy, you’ll receive the full names, ages and dates of birth of the respondent and petitioner listed on the decree. The information will also include the place where the decree was files and the date the decree was granted. You’ll need to know the county in which the divorce was granted before requesting a copy. You can request a copy by writing your own application and sending to:

Minnesota Dept. of Health
P.O. Box 64975
St. Paul, MN 55164
Phone: (651) 201-5970


Divorce In Minnesota

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Include a $10 check or money order to cover the fee of performing the search. Besides pertinent information about the divorce, you’ll also need to include your name, address, phone number, email address and what your relationship was to at least one of the parties listed in the decree. You’ll also need to state a reason why you want or need to access the record. The procedure and forms required to request a certified copy of the decree can be obtained from the county court administrator. A reason why you might need a copy of a divorce record might be that you’re researching your ancestry and want to trace a divorce that took place in Minnesota. If you were divorced in the state, you may need a copy of the decree for employment purposes or to prove that you were divorced. Some background checks on a person might include searching through divorce records and will give you an inside look at whether or not a person is telling the truth about his or her background.

MN Divorce Records

When you use a state-based search you may not receive all the relevant information you need to know. Basic information such as the date the decree was granted and the full names of the people named in the divorce can be accessed, but you won’t receive data involving settlements, child custody or any other information filed under “privacy rights” in the state. If you use a fee-based, Internet search site you’ll receive much more because of the powerful databases and search engines that these sites maintain. Also, it will be delivered to you in a concise and highly understandable format. These sites make it their priority to search far and wide for data and then to make sure that you can understand it by compiling a report. All information is included and you can make a decision based on data that’s complete and accurate. Click on the link to find out more about how you can search through Minnesota divorce records by accessing an online search site.