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Minnesota Birth Records

To a person, his birth record is probably the most important record in his life. This single piece of paper establishes the fact that he is alive and traces his roots to his parents. This is also the first official record that a person would have because it is made mere moments after the person is born. There is, therefore, a very great presumption that what is written on his birth certificate is true. The reason why there is such a thing called Minnesota Birth Records is because birth records are considered to be so important that they must be guarded. A single stray birth certificate could establish a new identity for a person, thus, it is not hard to imagine criminals and those who wish to leave their past behind obtaining new birth records.

In the state of Minnesota, the primary government office that has the responsibility of issuing new birth records and keeping them safe is the Minnesota Department of Health. As part of their mandate, the department keeps birth records, but note that because of the time frame involved, the department does not keep birth records from before the year 1900. Although there is little need for such records, in case a person requires a birth record that was issued prior to the year 1900, the searcher would have to contact the local issuing authority in the county where the birth occurred.

Birth Records Minnesota

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To request for a birth certificate from the Minnesota Department of Health, the searcher would first have to download a form from the website of the same and fill up the same. Note that the form must be notarized and that the person requesting for the record must meet the minimum requirements required before ordering for the certificate. Once the form is completed and notarized, the searcher should mail the same to the department of health together with the required fee in the form of a money order payable to the department and a self-addressed and stamped envelope so that the certificate could be mailed. The required fee is twenty six dollars and may take up to two weeks to complete. Note that the department of health could only take request by mail. It is, however, possible for the searcher to request for birth certificates at the county level, specifically, the local issuing authority where the birth occurred.

Another source of birth records could be the World Wide Web, specifically; several online databases that do provide birth record information. Some of these databases are affiliated with the government, but a great many of them are actually privately owned and run, though this does not mean that they are less reliable because most of these do provide the same information as the government offices and databases. Internet searches could be conducted from the homes of the searcher and because they are internet searches, they are devoid of lines. Information from these databases are also provided faster, more efficiently, and sometimes without the need for payment on the part of the searcher.

Birth Records Minnesota
To request for birth records at the Minnesota Department of Health, follow the given procedure

  • Download the relevant form from the website of the department. Make sure that you meet the minimum requirements to be issued a birth record.
  • Fill up the form and have it notarized upon completion.
  • Make a money order to correspond to the required fee in accordance with the schedule of fees. Attach the same to the notarized application form.
  • Make a self-addressed envelope and have it stamped before attaching it with the application form.
  • Send all requirements to the Department of Public Health Vital Records
  • Wait for two weeks for the request to be completed.

Minnesota Birth Certificate

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