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Michigan Criminal Records

The place to go to for Michigan Criminal Records is the Criminal Justice Information Center where the central database of criminal documents are placed and updated regularly. Name-based searches are performed only in this state. Fingerprint searches may only be done upon instructions from the law enforcement offices. The former search method requires a payment of $10.00 per copy using certified check or money order. Basic thing to prepare is the completed request form with the money and mail it to the said agency.

The general public has the right to view such legal files but is limited only to criminal convictions. More so, the law enforcement agencies have the full authority to access the complete data on the mentioned records. As per guideline, you only get the chance to review every detail of criminal reports if it is yours. If you’ve spotted an error on your own record you need to approach the state’s Information Center for the necessary amendment.


Michigan Criminal Records
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Those who are proven to be criminals are interrogated and placed in the system database their confidential information including the name, address, date of birth, fingerprints and other personal data that might be of use for future reference. To go ahead and begin the search process, you need to secure a Michigan Background Check Request form and specify on the form that you are looking for Criminal History Record as type of your application. Other official agencies within the state’s jurisdiction can also assist in the pursuit of such files like the Department of Corrections, Michigan State Police and the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry.

Criminal Records Michigan

The turn-around time though is not definite since there are times when a lot of people are searching on the same category. Normally, the results are generated in days or a week. With this hold up, going through the conventional way of searching is no longer just the only choice. Online record providers are now activated to offer quick production of Michigan Criminal Records. You only have to make a good scrutiny on the provider itself if it’s worth subscribing to or not. Thus, find a complete money-back guarantee service which shows a positive sign for an absolutely legitimate offer for public records check purposes.