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Louisiana Death Records

Louisiana death records are available through the Vital Records Registry from the year 1957. If the death occurred before that, you must search through the Louisiana State Archives. There are privacy laws in Louisiana that dictate the death records are kept confidential for fifty years unless the person requesting the record belongs to the immediate family of the deceased. Even though you’re searching for a record where the event occurred beyond fifty years, you’ll still need to provide photo identification to receive a certified copy of the death certificate. You must fill out an application form, enclose a fee of $7 (check or money order), copies of your identification and send all of that to the following address:

Louisiana Dept. of Health
Vital Records Registry
P.O. Box 60630
New Orleans, Louisiana 70160
Phone: (504) 219-4500

Death Records Louisiana

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For Louisiana death records that were files before the year 1957 you’ll have to search through the archives at the New Orleans Public Library. Those records will show deaths that occurred from 1804 through 1914. If the death occurred in another parish, you’ll need to contact that particular parish for more information. All of the red tape involved in obtaining vital records data from most states may seem complicated and confusing – and, it is. If you want a better way to retrieve data that you need from a death or any vital record, it’s easier to go through a private, online search service that can be found on the Internet.

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Most people now use the Internet to find all sorts of information, and you can be assured that you’ll receive a fast and accurate response. Private Internet search sites, in particular, can provide all the information you need in a fast and accurate manner that’s usually delivered to your email address within minutes. You’ll pay a higher fee than you would through a state-based search, but the results are worth it. If the site doesn’t find the record you requested, no fee is charged. You can depend on the data you receive from an Internet search site to be up-to-date and accurate and you’ll likely receive more information from the death record than you would from a state-based search. Most states are very limited as to the information they can provide to the public. Internet search sites have no such restrictions and make it their business to maintain vast databases and extremely powerful search engines that can reference and cross-reference the data you provided in many states and archives to be sure the data they’re receiving is correct. When you have a need to search through Louisiana death records – or any state’s vital records, check out the Internet search services available and decide if it would work for you. Click on the link to find out more.